EDYN Statement regarding the crackdown on environmental protests in Soyudlu village, Gadabay district, Azerbaijan Standpoints

Published July 11, 2023

The European Democratic Youth Network (EDYN) is concerned by reports that peaceful protestors were forcefully dispersed in Soyudlu village, Azerbaijan. EDYN is also monitoring reports that activists and journalists who have raised concerns have been unrightfully punished by authorities.

EDYN stands by the fundamental rights of Azerbaijani citizens, namely: freedom of assembly and to engage in peaceful protest, including on matters that impact the environment and health of local communities; access to a fair trial; the right to be free from torture and inhumane or degrading treatment, and the right for media to operate freely and independently.

We urge the authorities to refrain from infringing upon the residents’ fundamental freedoms and for the protection of human rights to be ensured.

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