We are deeply grateful for the generous support from our founders and donors, whose contributions enable us to achieve our mission to support young leaders in Europe fighting for democracy. Our success is also made possible through the collaboration with our trusted partners. We are proud to work alongside these organizations, who have offered in-kind contributions and covered pro-bono our members’ participation in their events, training, conferences, workshops, and study visits.



“Join us and together we can support young people to ensure democracy for the future, not just the past.”

Jonas Rolett, Chairman of the Board, EDYN


Join us in making a difference. EDYN partners with leading organizations, foundations, corporations, and individual philanthropists who share our mission to support young leaders in Europe fighting for democracy.

EDYN is a registered non-governmental organization in Slovakia (registration number 53493923) and is able to offer fully tax-deductible donations in the USA through our 501c American Friends of EDYN account.

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Interested in learning more? Contact our Partnership and Outreach Manager: Carlotta Serioli [email protected]




Institutional Development Grant
National Democratic Institute

Institutional development (chapters management and development; membership management and recruitment; Ambassador elections, Leadership Council elections; activities design; management; implementation; and reporting; stakeholder management with NDI, the Board of Trustees, the Leadership Council, external partners and donors; management of Committees; internal and external communications via social media platforms, newsletter, private groups, opinion pieces, public statements and advocacy campaigns).


Horizon 2040 grant
European Commission

Having achieved a perfect score of 15/15 in the Commission’s evaluations, EDYN HQ will receive part of a 4 million euro grant from early 2025 to the end of 2027. The funds will be shared with our Consortium partners: Austrian Institute of Technology (Consortium Lead), Strategic Design Scenarios, WeDo, Missions Publiques, Fraunhofer Institute of Systems and Innovation Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, European Partnership for Democracy, European University Institute, European Youth Forum, and Make.org.

This grant will enable EDYN HQ to organize workshops, policy debates, youth-led advocacy campaigns, and engagements with institutions and policymakers across all EDYN country chapters and European capitals.


Erasmus+ grant

EDYN HQ is administering a €500K grant until late 2025 with partners like DYPALL (Consortium Lead), Assembly of the European Regions, Europiamo, Nordland, YEPP Europe, and SQ LEARN. Activities include EU publications featuring EDYN success stories, a study visit to Bratislava and Vienna, participation in a Summer Academy for Young Leaders in Norway, study trips to Paris and Brussels, an advocacy trip to Strasbourg, and a final conference in Portugal. These projects aim to empower EDYN youth in policy-making and civil society, influencing future European policies.


  • Konrad Adenauer Foundation
  • American Council of Young Political Leaders
  • European Commission’s Summit for Democracy’s
    Youth Democracy Cohort
  • Woolf Institute at the University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • US Embassy in Bratislava
  • Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
  • New Direction foundation
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • Apple Europe



  • Strategic Analysis
  • Culture Pulse
  • The Center for International Private Enterprise CIPE
  • GMF
  • IREX
  • Participation Factory