We are concerned citizens. We live in European countries with totalitarian histories. We are civic activists, political leaders and journalists, and we share the commitment and willpower to defend the freedoms our parents fought for. We refrain from the policies of hate and division to unite our societies against authoritarianism. 

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Although we differ in political views, we share a deep commitment to democratic principles, and we come together to search for solutions to the societal problems that our countries face. We respect each other, we listen to each other, and we are here to help each other.

We are hundreds of organized people in 23 countries. Our network’s partners and friends help us with skills-building, resources and connections to like-minded people.

We do not take democracy for granted.

Being active in public life is hardly popular among our peers. Many of us have made sacrifices fighting for our freedoms, but we continue working for what we believe in. The wave of hate, distrust and division in our societies paves the road for autocrats, and we refuse to look the other way. We will not let them succeed; we want to live in free societies.



The vision of “Europe: whole, and free and at peace” is still relevant and not yet fulfilled.


Every young person who is active in public life in the post-totalitarian countries shall find and receive help when defending the freedoms that their parents’ generation struggled for.


EDYN supports young pro-democracy activists, politicians, and journalists from across the political and ideological spectrum ages 18 to 32 in 23 countries with totalitarian heritage. EDYN supports those who refrain from the policies of hate and divisiveness in order to unite their societies against authoritarian revisionists.


Ana Gjidiaj
Nika Kratsashvili