With 50% of the world population under 30, global democracy’s survival heavily relies on youth support. However, many young people disengage from political and civic life after experiencing politics as inaccessible. In response to this challenge, the Youth Democracy Cohort – part of the Summit for Democracy’s Year of Action – has introduced the YOUTH PARTICIPATION HANDBOOK composed by the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) in cooperation with the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) on the occasion of the Summit for Democracy.

The Youth Participation Handbook is a collection of 25 case studies from over 30 countries that showcases best practices for driving youth political and civic engagement in diverse socio-political contexts. This handbook serves as an inspiration for youth and democracy organizations seeking to strengthen young people’s voices in democratic processes and offers an evidence base for policy solutions to democratic governments that want to empower youth political and civic representation.


Case studies

Discover 25 inspiring case studies from governments, organizations, and civil society across 30 countries. The Youth Participation Handbook showcases effective strategies to drive youth political and civic engagement.

Enabling Factors

The Youth Participation Handbook identifies key enabling factors that foster successful youth participation in politics and public life. Innovative policy solutions are crucial for empowering youth in democratic processes.

Contributing Partners

The Youth Participation Handbook is a collaborative effort of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) in cooperation with the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), supported by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the European Commission, the International Republican Institute (IRI), and the National Democratic Institute (NDI).


The Youth Participation Handbook aims to inspire and equip governments, youth organizations, and democracy advocates to empower young voices in democratic processes. It offers good practice for democratic governments seeking to overcome barriers to meaningful youth participation, creating a more inclusive, effective, and equitable democracy.


A tool for increased youth participation in the democratic renewal


The handbook serves as a compilation of successful initiatives and projects that have enabled young people to participate meaningfully and make a positive impact in democracy support. Its aim is to highlight inspiring examples and provide a record of efficient initiatives that are worth replicating or scaling up. The project was spearheaded by EDYN, with all interested cohort members volunteering to participate. The first volume of collected stories was presented at the 2023 Summit for Democracy in Costa Rica and is now available below.