For us, democracy isn’t just a word in the dictionary. It’s a commitment to action. Sometimes it takes courage and vision to break from business-as-usual and stand up for the common good. Because of this, some people consider us everyday heroes – we consider ourselves active citizens.

We are a coalition of young civic and political leaders, united to empower new generations of changemakers. We are young people who refrain from the policies of hate to draft joint solutions for societal problems and fill the public space with vision instead of division. We struggle to make democracy work. We will defend the freedoms our parents’ generation struggled for.


Based on the values of liberty, justice and equality defined in of 2019, EDYN members commit to building and sustaining democracies and promoting greater civic and political youth leadership in Europe. The Berlin Declaration enshrines the following principles: inclusion, anti-extremism, transparency, accountability, constructive political engagement, solidarity, respect, ethical behavior, meritocracy, and environmental consciousness.

European Democracy Youth Network – Berlin Declaration

We, the members of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) from:

The Republic of Albania, Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Estonia, Georgia, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Poland, Republic of Serbia, Ukraine in the EDYN Democracy Summit convened in Berlin, Germany on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall:

Expressing our common adherence to the values of liberty, justice, and equality;
Reaffirming our commitment to promote greater civic and political youth leadership in Europe, and;
Hereby commit to:
Ensure ACCOUNTABILITY is reflected in our conduct as individuals and built into our organizational processes;
Principles of ANTI-EXTREMISM, opposing ideologies that seeks to undermine democratic values in society at-large through our words and actions;
Work towards affecting political and social change through CONSTRUCTIVE POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT, good-faith dialogue, and debate with a diverse range of
Conduct ourselves and our organization’s operations with ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS and consideration for principles of sustainability;
Display ETHICAL BEHAVIOR – honesty, fairness, and dignity;
Safeguard INCLUSION and equal opportunity for every individual, regardless of gender, disability, national or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or political
Cultivate a MERITOCRACY of ideas in our personal and professional communities;
Treat every individual with RESPECT and consideration for their feelings, desires, rights, and traditions;
Foster SOLIDARITY and mutual support among youth committed to democratic principles; and Advocate for TRANSPARENCY, openness, and information-sharing in decision-making processes and collaborative work.

Acknowledging our network’s geographic, vocational, and political diversity, we share individual responsibility for the health of democracy in each of our countries. We
commit to building, sustaining, and reforming democratic institutions through greater youth participation and leadership, by

  • Providing members with practical professional development and skills-building;
  • Encouraging the exchange of best practices and experience through people-to-people linkages across member countries and between generations;
  • Amplifying narratives around democracy’s impact on citizens’ day-to-day lives;
  • Leveraging local youth networks in member-driven initiatives;
  • Collaborating with organizations that share EDYN’s values and commitment to youth leadership, and;
  • Advocating for the inclusion of youth voices in policy development processes at the local, national, and international level.



I will defend freedom and fundamental human rights.
I will refrain from hate speech in all forms.
I will collaborate across the ideological and political spectrum to tackle problems that unite our societies.
I will develop knowledge, character, and skills that can be applied for
the betterment of the society.