We are a coalition of young civic and political leaders, united to empower new generations of changemakers. We know democracy faces a public confidence problem. After decades of not seeing democracy work for them, many young people simply disengage from civic and political life. It takes courage and vision to break from business-as-usual, and stand up for democracy. It is not always popular to be active in the public life. But if not us, who?

If you want to join the fight to protect our freedoms and democracy against hate and authoritarians, know you are not alone. Join us.

European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) Application

Applications received before Oct 30th 2021(23:59 CET) are eligible to be admitted to the network as new member in the second half of November 2021. EDYN will inform all candidate who submitted their application before by the Oct 30 deadline of their admission in the second half of November 2021. However, interested candidates can submit their applications after the Oct 30th 2021 deadline – EDYN’s individual country chapters will consider applications received after that deadline on a rolling basis, and set their own timeline for admission of new members. If you’re interested in submitting an application after Oct 30th 2021, please contact us to learn about the timeline for your respective country chapter.

If you wish to fill out the application later we can send you the form via email.

Your message will be sent to your respective Country Chapter.
If there is no EDYN Ambassador in your country, EDYN HQ will contact you directly.

Juela Hamati, EDYN Ambassador in Albania

Having Alex Savic around made me realize how uninformed I was about the LGBTQ community. He is one of my best friends now. Joining EDYN opened my mind.

Monika Zajkova, EDYN Ambassador in N. Macedonia

EDYN broke my fears of public speaking and gave me network, knowledge, experience, and ideas. I feel more self-confident in front of my party and the voters thanks to the international support I could show.

Mikheil Kumsishvili, EDYN Ambassador in Georgia

We’ve realised we need to cooperate. The main goal – protecting democratic values in Georgia – is more important than looking at our differences.