ACT FOR IMPACT – Breaking Gender Barriers, Bosnia and Herzegovina ACT FOR IMPACT Members

Published July 21, 2023

Welcome to the series ACT FOR IMPACT in which we highlight extraordinary member-driven projects within the EDYN network. While each individual voice is important, these projects demonstrate the strength of unity and how collaboration can lead to remarkable results. With unwavering dedication, our members prove that when we act together, we are stronger and more capable of making a difference. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered by the stories of these changemakers. Follow us on Instagram to be among the first to catch the upcoming articles.  

What is the project Breaking Gender Barriers about? 

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, our country chapter, a dedicated group of individuals came together to address the gender imbalance and promote women’s empowerment in the country. They recognized the challenges faced by women in political, public, and professional life and were determined to bring about positive change.

After successfully organizing a social media campaign to celebrate women’s achievements, the group decided to take their efforts a step further. They planned an event called “Inspiring Talks: Gender and Leadership” to shed light on the importance of gender equality and encourage women to pursue leadership positions. The event featured prominent female leaders who shared their inspiring stories, discussed the obstacles they overcame, and provided guidance and support to aspiring women leaders. The event sparked a wave of enthusiasm among the attendees, both men and women, who realized the significance of women’s representation in decision-making processes.

What was its goal?

One of the country chapter’s primary goals was to address the gender imbalance within the network. They aimed to increase the number of women in influential positions and dismantle the barriers that hindered their progress. In the following internal EDYN elections, Bosnia and Herzegovina achieved a significant milestone. Not just one, but two directly elected female ambassadors. Buoyed by this success, the country chapter plans to continue to work tirelessly. They plan to engage in advocacy campaigns, lobby for policy reforms, and collaborate with various stakeholders to create a supportive environment for women to excel in their chosen fields.

What was the biggest achievement?

The biggest achievement in this transformative journey was the realization that achieving gender equality was not just a task for a select few, but a responsibility for all. The Bosnia and Herzegovina country chapter has taken a significant step forward, but they know that their work is far from over. They are remaining committed to promoting gender issues, empowering women, and creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all its citizens.

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