Call for applications – Join EDYN’s Partnerships Committee Members Opportunities

Published February 29, 2024
EDYN is happy to announce that the Partnerships Committee is accepting a new round of applications!

This renewed Committee will switch from monthly videocalls to more efficient message updates within a community group on a communication platform (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc) that will be picked by the Committee members through a simple majority vote. This streamlined approach will significantly reduce the time investment that will be required of Committee members and make communication with EDYN HQ simpler and more accessible.

In line with EDYN HQ’s goal of being transparent with country chapters about its outreach and fundraising efforts and of encouraging country chapters to take the lead with their own activities and fundraising efforts, the Partnerships Committee will:

  • act as a platform for members to share fundraising experiences and exchange best practices to other fellow EDYN members on fundraising strategies and outreach practices;
  • act as a platform for EDYN HQ to update Committee members on a monthly basis about HQ’s fundraising and outreach efforts (these updates are also communicated to EDYN’s Leadership Council and Board of Trustees on a monthly basis);
  • deepen and expand country chapters’ networks of contacts and stakeholders, with HQ offering to connect members/chapters to local contact;
  • help the Committee members coordinate and align on their local fundraising and outreach campaigns.

The ultimate goal of the Partnerships Committee is to keep EDYN members informed about HQ’s fundraising and connect them to each other if they’d like to fundraise for local activities; serving as a capacity and institutional development tool.

All members who wish to become an EDYN Partnerships Officer can apply at this link until midnight on Sunday, March 31. Good luck!

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