EDYN joined the international expert group on the implementation of youth policy during the war in Ukraine Other

Published November 30, 2022
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During the last 3 months, more than 25 experts from around the world and Ukraine have been working on developing recommendations to be implemented within Ukraine’s National Youth Strategy 2030.

The key aim of the expert group was to find solutions that may help to preserve Ukraine’s youth policy during war and in post-conflict times. Apart from this, considerable attention was paid to the research on the status quo of the youth policy in Ukraine and which international experience may be useful for the future of youth in Ukraine. 

Right now Ukraine’s youth policy sector together with the government is seeking support to implement the developed recommendations and is willing to invite governments and nations to be part of the youth infrastructure rebuilding. 

The work of the expert group was organized by the Youth Affairs Council under the President of Ukraine and the NGO “Public Diplomacy Platform”. The project was supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation, National Democratic Institute, and USAID. 

Several EDYN members were part of the project: Marie Kikvadze joined as an expert from Georgia and Denys Ganzha together with Yevhen Petrov were working as project coordinators. 

You can download the results of the group here or read it on our website below.

The implementation of Ukraine's youth policy_

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