EDYN’s Mentorship Program Launch: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders Members Opportunities

Published January 22, 2024


We are proud to announce the following candidates will participate in the first round of the Mentorship Program:

1. Tamas Lados, Hungary
2. Jetmir Asani, North Macedonia
3. Pavel Havlicek, Czech Republic
4. Karlo Curis, Croatia


Overview: EDYN is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive Mentorship Program for EDYN members planning to run for office or manage a political campaign in the near future.

2024 is set to break the record as the biggest election year in modern history, with more than half the world’s population – over four billion people – heading to the polls. In the EDYN region, that includes parliamentary elections in North Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Georgia, and Lithuania; municipal and local elections in Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina; presidential elections in Slovakia, Moldova, Lithuania, and Georgia; senate and regional elections in the Czech Republic; as well as the European Parliament elections. Snap elections in Kosovo and Montenegro are also looking increasingly likely.

EDYN’s innovative Mentorship Program aims to foster leadership development and political campaigning skills by pairing members with our newest addition to the Board of Trustees, Peter Cari, a founding partner of Prism Communications and a luminary in campaign tactics and strategy. Together, we aim to shape the future of political and civic leadership, one mentorship at a time.

About Peter Cari: Peter Cari stands as one of the foremost experts in US campaign tactics, with a proven track record of delivering results in over 1000 campaigns throughout his 30-year-strong career, from small state and local campaigns to some of the most pivotal statewide and federal races. His commitment to shaping effective strategies in the US political landscape has earned him a reputation as a transformative force in political campaign organization and management, campaign messaging and budgeting, as well as media and digital communication strategy.

A founding partner of Prism Communications, Peter brings his blend of research-driven strategy and hands-on client involvement to campaigns ranging from the legislative level to statewide races, ballot initiatives, and independent expenditure operations. In addition, he has helmed multimillion-dollar independent expenditure efforts for a range of political and civic organizations in the US.

Lastly, Peter is also the founder of Cari Strategic, a firm dedicated to providing planning, crisis communications, branding, party building, media services and strategic guidance to candidates, advocacy groups, NGOs and political parties in the US and internationally.

Program Details:

  • Application Process: We extend a warm invitation to all EDYN members eager to expand their political campaign skills, deepen their understanding of political messaging and strategy, and accelerate their leadership journey.
  • Selection Process: A collaborative effort between EDYN HQ staff, the Leadership Council, and Peter Cari himself will ensure the most deserving applicants are selected. The selection process will prioritize members planning to run for office or manage a political campaign this year.
  • Program Structure: The structure of the mentorship program will be customized based on the unique needs and aspirations of the successful candidates. Members will receive one-on-one virtual sessions with Peter who, drawing upon his wealth of experience, will finetune the program’s structure (e.g. length of the sessions, reoccurrence of the sessions, etc.) together with EDYN HQ depending on the number of applicants, selected mentees, and their specific requirements and campaigns timelines.

Key Objectives:

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development in campaign tactics, political campaign organization and management, campaign messaging and budgeting, as well as political media and digital communications;
  • Cultivate leadership qualities and strategic thinking among mentees;
  • Forge lasting connections between a seasoned campaign strategist and the next generation of leaders.
  • To help and support mentees to manage their own learning in order to maximize their potential, develop new skills, enhance their performance and become the politician they aspire to be.
  • To receive tailored-specific input on how to reach out to your constituency and interact with them, target voters’ concerns and priorities based on public opinion research and other data.

How to Apply:

Please fill out and send this application form and your CV to [email protected].

Your application must showcase your involvement in politics (i.e. members running for office, political party/youth wings representatives, public policy makers, political activists, campaign or election professionals, political journalists, and/or government affairs professionals facing elections in the near future); your dedication to pro-democracy advocacy; and your aspirations for leadership development.

Important Dates:

  • First round – call for applications opens on January 22nd
  • First round – call for applications closes on February 5th
  • We will accept candidates on a rolling basis and open a second round of applications as soon as the first mentorship round is finished.

For inquiries and updates, please contact [email protected].

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