Published March 23, 2023
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Welcome to the series #EVERYDAYHEROES in which we introduce exceptional members of our network. Through pop culture, we discovered that heroes fly, have superpowers, come from another planet, and wear capes and costumes, but there are other, real heroes. Heroes we are surrounded by every day, who raise their voices in times of injustice and fight for the rights of all of us. Who look the same as us, who express their superpower by fighting every day for a better and democratic society. Everyday heroes, that we have to talk about. Follow us on our Instagram to catch the next interview among the first ones.

Another Everyday Hero is Salome Mgeladze from Georgia.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Salome Mgeladze and I’m from Georgia. I’m a civic activist and a person with a very diverse background. I’m a graduate- with a bachelor’s degree in law from the Georgian-American University, and I have a master’s degree in European Studies from the State University of Rome, Sapienza as well. I spent 6-7 years of my life in Italy and it is the most beloved country of mine- after my motherland.
I have worked as a lawyer and as a project manager in the public and private sectors for many years. I have been an author and a host of the TV show ‘Formula TV in Georgia. I worked in one of the non-governmental organizations in Tbilisi and I have been a member of one of the political parties for a very short period. I’ve been working in the educational sector for about 5 + years and I’m a founder of two non-formal education centers. Currently, I’m leading my second non-formal education center, ‘re:school’- as a co-founder and a CEO. ‘Re:school’- is part of a larger re:invent family that is the first venture studio in Georgia with 40+ technology startups in its portfolio. ‘Re:school ‘is targeted to bring a high-tech education to kids from 9 through 14. However, we do have a sister company re:educate, which is targeting youth from 15+ y/o.
In addition, I work for the German Marshall Fund of the United States- on different projects and I have been the representative of Georgia in the Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network of GMF which is the flagship leadership program of the Marshall Fund. I joined EDYN in 2020, and in 2021 I became an EDYN Ambassador, and in December I became the Vice-President of EDYN. I love this network and it has a special place in my heart. To sum up, I’d like to mention that my main profession is being a mom of three, and my free time is always dedicated to my kids, my lovely husband, and my friends.

What do you consider your biggest success?

It is quite a difficult question, I think that the biggest achievement of my life is ahead, but from my previous life I would mention two things;
– First one is my work, in terms of education in Georgia, which has crucial importance to my country because of its extremely high unemployment rate among the youth. With our projects of re:school and re:educate- we are trying to hit unemployment and brain drain in our country. Re:school is playing a key role to change the mindset of the youth. I believe that the only way for the countries like Georgia to retain young and talented individuals is to give them the option to work from their hometown and get paid an international salary. Tech jobs have opened up this opportunity for all of us and we try to capitalize on it.
– Second thing- I’m proud of being a finalist in the EDYN award, which is the highest recognition to individuals and organizations whose extraordinary work aligns with EDYN’s mission to defend freedom and fundamental human rights.

What does the word DEMOCRACY mean to you?

Democracy means freedom of choice to me. The best quote about democracy is the one- Abraham Lincoln said: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” We don’t need to take democracy for granted, it’s just a daily struggle.

Who do you consider your Everyday Hero and why?

My mom is an everyday hero for me, as she has superpowers. She has a lot of roles as a woman and she performs all of them perfectly. She’s extremely successful in her family and in her career. She has made huge reforms in the healthcare and medical education systems of our country. She fights every day to make this world a better place. Ukrainian soldiers are everyday heroes, as they are fighting for our freedom and the peace of the whole civilized world. I’m extremely thankful to our Ukrainian friends.

What does the concept of Everyday Hero mean to you?

Everyday heroes are the people who strive every day to make their communities better, who put even one pillar to build a better world and who work hard to make democracy work. Everyday heroes are fighters people who never stop dreaming and never stop chasing after their dreams, who never stop acting. Everyday heroes are the ones- who inspire other people and who have a positive impact on the world around them.

Why did you become a member of EDYN?

I joined EDYN as I share the values of this organization. I have never seen so many young and inspirational people before. This is a unique network that doesn’t look like any other one and it has great potential and perspective. I’m so proud to be a member of the EDYN family and I’m so thankful to have an opportunity to work for EDYN as a member of the Leadership Council and as the Vice-President. I will do my best to contribute to EDYN and boost its visibility worldwide.

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