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Published February 1, 2022
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Dear members,

we invite you to join the lecture with

Prof. Andrew S. Natsios on Fragile States and State Failure: Institutions and Development

Keep in mind that you are full participants and have the opportunity to comment and ask questions during the lecture. We encourage you to do so, to get the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

No registration or sign-up is necessary. All EDYN members received an invitation in their calendar with all information.

General Course Description

The course will review various definitions of development and the theories which explain why some countries develop and others do not. Current controversies will be examined about what factors lead to economic growth; what role good governance and democratic institutions, the cultural values of a society, and social services play in development. Finally, the course will analyze how the foreign aid programs of donor governments and international institutions affect the development process, the politics of aid programs and the mechanisms for their implementation, and the role of new actors in development such as non-governmental organizations, corporations, and foundations.

Outline of the lecture –Fragile States and State Failure: Institutions and Development (Feb 21):

  • Define state fragility and failure
  • The greatest development challenge of our time
  • Relationship between Least Development Countries (LDC) and fragile and failed states
  • Complex humanitarian emergencies: economic collapse, civil war and human rights abuses, food insecurity and starvation, disease epidemics, the collapse of the authority of the state to govern, and mass population displacement.
  • Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Role of Military. Security sector reform. DDRR


Prof. Natsios is the former Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development and currently the Director of the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs and Executive Professor.


We look forward to seeing you at the lecture!

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