Joint Statement on the Summit for Democracy 2024 Other

Published March 20, 2024

EDYN, as a co-leader of the Youth Democracy Cohort, joined their statement on the Summit for Democracy 2024. The statement, undersigned by 100 civil society and inter-governmental organizations, calls for concrete actions to boost young people’s political participation rights. This means focusing on inclusivity, backing youth-led organizations, and creating more opportunities for young individuals in civil service and politics.

You can read the whole statement below.



Joint Statement on the Summit for Democracy 2024


The Youth Democracy Cohort calls for concrete actions at the Summit for Democracy 2024 to enhance young people’s political participation rights, emphasising inclusivity, support for youth-led organisations, increased opportunities for young people in civil service and politics, and inspiration of the Menu of Possible State Commitments as a tool for ambitious action.


The 100 undersigned civil society and inter-governmental organisations call on the government of South Korea and all participating governments at the upcoming Summit for Democracy 2024 to take concrete actions to improve the rights to political participation of young people.

With the theme “Democracy for Future Generations”, the third iteration of the Summit must place young people and their concerns at the heart of decision-making and policy impact. At a time of growing distrust in institutions among the younger generation, it falls on policymakers to ensure that democracies are truly representative and inclusive. The Summit represents the ideal gathering of youth stakeholders and public authorities where concrete commitments to change can be made. The role of young people as critical agents of change in shaping the present and the future is being recognised by world leaders. Governments have pledged to improve youth political rights through the adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and youth are granted growing space at international and regional institutions such as the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union and the Association of South-East Asian Nations. Beyond these political decisions, the youth of the world deserve democracies that deliver.


  • All governments must have a holistic, inclusive and evidence-based national youth policy that accounts for the diversity of youth.
  • The independence and funding of youth-led civil society organisations, especially of National Youth Councils, must be ensured and sustained with a multi-year approach.
  • More paths and mechanisms must be created for young people, including young women and people with disabilities, to enter civil service and political positions. Lowering the candidacy age and the creation of junior professional schemes for entering civil service are essential measures to improve youth representation at all government levels.

Beyond these measures, the Youth Democracy Cohort’s Menu of Possible State Commitments is a useful tool for governments willing to take on ambitious action for younger generations. There can be no discussion about future generations without meaningful and inclusive participation of young people.

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