Leadership Council Retreat in Belgrade, Serbia Activities

Published February 5, 2021

Entering Year 2 of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) charter, the International Republican Institute (IRI) hosted a Leadership Council retreat in Belgrade, Serbia to discuss new goals and changes entering the new year. During the retreat members developed amendments to the current EDYN charter and began to discuss the role of EDYN Headquarters as part of the initial steps for EDYN to become a self-sustaining entity.

Other discussions throughout the retreat involved the membership selection, ambassadorship, and LC electoral process as well as evaluation of the current EDYN committees (Communication, Program Development, and Membership) and the creation of the new Ethics committee. Finally, LC discussed their role within the network and the future development of country chapters. The retreat provided LC members the opportunity for in-person collaboration entering the second year of the charter and the chance to reflect on the previous year to expand EDYN’s goals and objectives.

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