Leadership Council Retreat in Bratislava, Slovakia Activities

Published April 4, 2022
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The Leadership Council met at the Headquarters in Bratislava from March 31, until April 3, for an extensive planning meeting. This was the first time the current LC met in person since the election. Our LC member from Moldova, Cristina put together a small report on the main discussions and updates from the LC retreat.

 EDYN vision and aim

EDYN is a platform that supports solidarity and cooperation among the European youth from across different areas of activity and with different views. Our solidarity and unity are being put to test these days. Our continent and countries are deeply polarized. EDYN is a means of overcoming polarization by acting as a platform for cooperation among young politicians, media, and civil society, from different countries with various political backgrounds and objectives. Together with the Chairman of EDYN’s Board of Trustees, Brock Bierman, the LC discussed how EDYN can do more to fight polarization, and how IRI, NDI, and the HQ can support our chapters in doing our work.

The LC also met with the prime minister of Slovakia and the governor of the Bratislava region, who are fighting polarization through their work in the office. Both cooperate with representatives of various factions is a living example that we can overcome our differences for common goals. The LC thanked the prime minister for Slovakia’s continuous support for EDYN. It is a friendly country to such organizations as EDYN, hence the location of our headquarters.

EDYN’s Charter

Many hours have been dedicated to long discussion on the Charter. The LC debated on how EDYN should progress as an organization, the number of LC members and how to represent in the LC the so-called non-USAD countries, active and passive membership, as well as the best voting system for ambassadors. The work on the Chapter is still in progress and will continue online. On matters, where LC members do not reach a consensus, an online vote will be conducted.

We are thankful to the working group led by our LC colleague from North Macedonia, Gorgi Tasev, who put together a series of proposals on improving the chapter. The group met every 2-3 days between March 23 and March 30 to finish the proposals by the LC retreat. The working group was represented in Bratislava by two members – Salome Mgeladze and Piotr Kolomycki.

Training Session on Communication Skills with Piotr Kolomycki

During COVID times, anything can happen. Our planned speaker for Saturday had to cancel but we were lucky, that Piotr was there to save the day! Great lecture with an intense workshop session dedicated to communication skills was the perfect addition to the packed weekend agenda.

EDYN – UNICEF Ukraine Fund

In order to further support Ukraine, a fund for Ukraine was established in cooperation with UNICEF. During the meeting in Bratislava, the LC members signed the memorandum of cooperation with UNICEF on establishing the fund. EDYN will promote and encourage donations from individuals, organizations and private enterprises. All chapters are encouraged to contribute. Read more here.

Our LC also visited a newly built refugee center for people fleeing from Ukraine.

Meetings in Brussels

After the meeting in Bratislava, the president of EDYN Valeriu Drăgălin and the two vice presidents Donjet Bislimi and Marie Kikvadze went to Brussels to promote EDYN at the European level among potential donors and new partners, including the European Commision, EED, KAS and the European Youth Forum. The donors and the European Youth Forum expressed their interest in cooperating with EDYN and supporting our activity at the regional or local level. More updates to follow.


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