ACT FOR IMPACT – Memorandum of Understanding and Collaboration among Youth Wings of Political Parties ACT FOR IMPACT Members

Published September 8, 2023

Welcome to the series ACT FOR IMPACT in which we highlight extraordinary member-driven projects within the EDYN network. While each individual voice is important, these projects demonstrate the strength of unity and how collaboration can lead to remarkable results. With unwavering dedication, our members prove that when we act together, we are stronger and more capable of making a difference. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered by the stories of these changemakers. Follow us on Instagram to be among the first to catch the upcoming articles.

What is your project about?

The project called ‘Understanding and Cooperation Among Youth Wings of Political Parties’ aimed to make collaboration between different political groups smoother. This included creating a good connection between the young members of these groups and making sure they all understood the basic political ideas. This could become a strong point of teamwork, especially when the world is facing big challenges. With this in mind, the declaration was made to fight against mean and hurtful talk and the way people are getting divided in society.

This effort was led by the Montenegrin part of the European Youth Democracy Network (EDYN). The declaration was signed by people from 12 political parties and groups: Albanian Alternative, Bosniak Party, Democratic Party of Socialists, Democratic Party of Montenegro, Civic Initiative “21st of May,” Civic Movement URA, Liberal Party, Movement U Turn, Movement Europe Now, Movement for Tuzi, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, and Social Democrats of Montenegro.

What was its goal?

The project’s goal was to deal with the problem of hurtful talk and division in society. The declaration tries to make young politicians work together and understand each other. It wants to stop harmful talk and make society stronger and more fair. The declaration shows everyone that working together and talking calmly can solve problems.

What did EDYN members take from it?

People in the project learned that it’s important to work together and talk nicely when facing problems. They found out that hurtful talk and polarization can cause trouble for democracy, society, and how people think. By signing the declaration, participants promise to support fairness, good talks, and stopping hurtful words. The project also helped them make friends and share ideas about these important topics.

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