EDYN HQ Secures Significant Grants from the European Commission Other

Published June 25, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that EDYN HQ has received significant funding from the European Commission through two major grants.

EDYN HQ will receive €518K as part of the Horizon2040 grant. The overall amount of €4 million will be shared among the 10 partner organizations involved in the proposal. The partners include the Austrian Institute of Technology (Consortium Lead), Strategic Design Scenarios, WeDo, Missions Publiques, Fraunhofer Institute of Systems and Innovation Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, European Partnership for Democracy, European University Institute, European Youth Forum, and Make.org.

From 2025 to the end of 2027, thanks to this European Commission grant EDYN HQ will organise for EDYN members workshops, policy debates, youth-led advocacy campaigns, and engagements with institutions and policymakers across all EDYN country chapters and European capitals. We are particularly proud to have received a perfect score of 15/15 in the Commission’s evaluations, highlighting the strength and competitiveness of our Consortium’s proposal.

Additionally, EDYN HQ will receive €45K from the European Commission for an Erasmus+ grant, which we applied for in 2023. This grant, part of a total €500K award, will be shared among six partner organizations: DYPALL, Europiamo, Nordland, SQ LEARN, YEPP Europe, and the Assembly of the European Regions.

From spring 2024 until late 2025, thanks to this second European Commission grant, EDYN HQ will participate in two EU publications on youth engagement that will feature EDYN members’ success stories. Moreover, EDYN HQ will be able to send EDYN members to: the Summer Academy for Young Leaders in Norway; a Study trip to Paris and Brussels, an Advocacy trip to Strasbourg; Trainings in Portugal and Italy; and the project’s final conference in Portugal.

The goal of both projects is for European youth (i.e. EDYN members) to engage with civil society, policy-makers, institutions, and older generations to ensure youth has a seat at the decision-making table. The findings from these initiatives will be presented to the European Commission, contributing to the shaping of future European policies.

We look forward to offering these activities to our members and to seeing the impact of their participation in these large-scale European projects.

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