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Published February 7, 2023
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We are proud to announce the following candidates will attend the Summer program:

Klajdi Kaziu, Albania
Nikola Kandic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ramadan Beshiri, Kosovo
Albert Hayrapetyan, Armenia
Marija Krstevska Taseva, North Macedonia
Olga Voitovych, Ukraine
Yuliia Dziuba, Ukraine
Amila Husic, Bosnia and Herzegovina


EDYN is proud to open the call for applications for our brand-new summer program on Post-Conflict Reconciliation and Future Building with our partners at The Woolf Institute, Cambridge, an interdisciplinary research institute with close ties to the University of Cambridge.

Program dates: July 2 – 8, 2023
Duration: 6 days
Institute: Woolf Institute, Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland

EDYN participants: EDYN will accept as many eligible members as funding allows, with a minimum of 10 people.

Organized by: EDYN HQ
Application deadline: Sunday, February 19, 23:59 CET

Program costs: All costs (transportation, accommodation, meals, tuition, program materials, and extracurricular activities) will be covered by EDYN and external funding sources.

Who can apply?

Unlike other programs, this opportunity is open for EDYN members, EDYN alumni, as well as EDYN membership seekers (currently non-members). Current EDYN members will represent at least 70%  of the cohort.

Who we are looking for?

Peace practitioners, community leaders, activists, policy makers, and diplomats active in peace building, reconciliation, and future building. All participants need to be between 18 and 32 years of age and must come from countries where EDYN is present.

Additionally, a successful candidate will need to document:

  • His/her trajectory to address his/her country’s (post)-conflict reconciliation efforts either professionally or as part of their civic engagement
  • familiarity and understanding of conflict resolution, post-war reconstruction, peace-keeping, peacebuilding, and inter-faith dialogue efforts
  • C1-English level (or higher).


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. This historic document ended the prolonged, violent conflict in Northern Ireland known as colloquially as ‘The Troubles’. What lessons can be learned from Northern Ireland and applied to other post-conflict settings, or indeed societies where social stability is under threat? In partnership with the Woolf Institute, Cambridge, EDYN is offering the opportunity for participants to attend a six-day summer school in Cambridge and Belfast, UK to explore these themes.


Over the course of the six days, members will have the opportunity to engage with leading academics, political and reconciliation experts in both Cambridge and Belfast. This engagement will help to develop the critical skills needed to design and implement fact-driven policies; understand the key moral and ethical value concepts that should inform pathways to reconciliation; develop the expertise necessary to apply innovative and sustainable methods to youth-driven efforts to counter threats to social stability in members’ respective countries.

The selected EDYN participants will participate in lectures, seminars, case studies, and conversations led by world-leading academics in the fields of conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and post-war reconstruction for three days  in Cambridge. The successful candidates will then spend three days in Belfast, Northern Ireland to attend workshops with local peacebuilders, capacity-building seminars with policy experts, and guided tours of political and contested spaces in Belfast, Q&A sessions with former combatants and political prisoners, as well as discussion forums with leading diplomats, politicians, and community leaders.

This grassroots-level engagement combined with lectures and seminars will provide the participants with the knowledge necessary to address issues arising in the aftermath of conflict, particularly surrounding issues of post-war legacy, conflicting war narratives, and the role of inter-community dialogue. All selected candidates will be expected to actively participate in the lectures, case studies, Q&A sessions, conversations, and informal social events.

The program will also include time for cultural trips, sightseeing, and informal social gatherings.

Your commitment to EDYN

We expect program participants who participate on behalf of EDYN to leverage their experience at Cambridge not only for their professional development but also for EDYN. A successful applicant will be asked to act as EDYN spokesperson and seek partnership opportunities with fellow participants and the faculty. S/he is also expected to organize a seminar for fellow EDYN members from his/her Country Chapter to share the most interesting insights and inspiration s/he gained throughout the program.

Program Outcomes

You will leave Cambridge and Belfast with skills and insights that you can bring home to your organization as well as to your local and national community. In particular, you will have strengthened your ability to respond to the following challenges facing all leaders in post-conflict contexts:

  • Addressing grievances and conflicting narratives
  • Initiating constructive interfaith dialogue among different communities
  • Keeping in mind minorities’ needs and role in inter-faith dialogue, peace-building, and peacekeeping processes
  • Building a culture of integrity at the local community and national level around peacebuilding activities
  • Communicating effectively within your own organization, across government, and with diverse public audiences and partners around peacebuilding activities
  • Forging connections and partnerships with other peace practitioners, academics, and experts, as well as local and international organizations and businesses across sectors
  • Adapting to the changing digital landscape – with the threat of rising hybrid threats and online disinformation – and the impact that it has on post-conflict reconciliation efforts
  • Galvanizing emerging networks of young leaders to address common issues together.


Please apply by filling out the application below this article (for assistance or further questions, kindly contact [email protected] ). The application will remain open until February 19, 2023.

Before filling out the application make sure to follow our tips for writing an excellent CV, which are up here. Out of the submitted applications, we will select as many participants (whose profiles best fit the program) as funding allows, with a minimum of 10 people.


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