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Published October 24, 2022
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EDYN HQ  put together a few links with open sources that you can use to update and fine-tune your CVs and applications. We strongly advise you to take a look at these before submitting your next applications in or outside of EDYN as we have noticed that recent applications did not always feature our members’ full experience and achievements.

Please see:

  • Harvard University, Office of Career Services: CV and Cover Letter Guide (shortextended or video)

  • University of Pennsylvania, Career Services: Resource hub including CV templates and guides for candidates at various seniority levels


We spend years getting great professional experience and most up to 1.5 hours to make the CV. This document is the most important step to stand out from other candidates, and express your advantages and incredible experience. This is equally important for young leaders who are engaged in political areas and for those who are strengthening the civic society.

How to show your superpower only in two pages, told Michal Kovacs, the executive director of European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) for EDYN members and Ambassadors at the CV Builder Workshop.

I had the opportunity to participate in this workshop and am happy to share the main points and tips for writing a successful CV.

• First of all, you should adjust your resume to the position or opportunity you are applying for. Read carefully what is required and reflect in your resume the most relevant experience. Avoid the situations when organizers will think: «Why this person decided to apply? ».
• Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages. The most important info should be on the first page.
• Update your CV permanently, especially after having a new job and experience.

If you are applying for the scholarship or other same opportunities
In this case, organizers are searching for a unique person who is distinguished from the crowd. Show that you are very special and nobody has such a background. Present yourself to catch their attention and select you as the best candidate.

If you are applying for a professional career
• Three main things: EXPERIENCE, INITIATIVES, and IMPACT
• It’s important to indicate the level of your language skills, especially in English.
• Show the duration of your concrete professional experience. Write about your achievements and impact.
• Again, show how you are a unique candidate for this position.
• Do Not impress but express your experience. Think more about content, not too much about visual images. You may add a photo, that of course, should present you as a professional (not from unofficial activities).
• Include your scholarship and awards.
• 1 activity = 1 sentence.
• Numbers are so important, they show how cool you are. There is a big difference: to organize one conference or 20 conferences; be a leader for a small team of five people or more than 40 people.
• Use active words and avoid the narrative text.
• Add volunteering experience and/or ventures (for example, you established the NGO, etc.) if you have such experience.
• Explain to your international audience about your organization, your duties to present the complexity of your job, and your unique experience.

Plus, give your resume to your friends and ask for their honest feedback on it, even if you will use only 10% of the above-mentioned advice, your CV will reflect more on how you are experienced and proactive so you will be one step closer to your dream job!

At this workshop, we had the opportunity to receive personalized feedback from Michal Kovacs on our CV. This practical part was very useful. It was so interesting to see other people’s CVs – all of them are unique in their own way and give us ideas on how to improve our own.

Michal’s feedback gave me the motivation to improve my CV and apply for new opportunities!

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