EDYN Statement on the situation within the Slovak chapter Other

Published April 5, 2024

In recent days, our organization has found itself at the center of passionate debate within our Slovak chapter, as highlighted by social media posts and internal communications. The European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) stands committed to fostering dialogue and understanding among young leaders dedicated to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law across post-totalitarian countries and beyond. Our mission is to unite, not divide; to enlighten, not overshadow.

We wish to clarify that EDYN does not interfere in the domestic politics of any nation. Our role is not to take sides but to provide a platform for young people to engage in democratic processes, understand diverse viewpoints, and contribute constructively to societal development.

The EDYN Charter, which all members agree to uphold, contains clear rules and regulations designed to ensure that our network remains inclusive and respectful of differing opinions. We believe in resolving disputes through dialogue and mutual respect, not through exclusion. In extraordinary cases, we have clear procedures for resolving situations in which a member violates membership commitments or EDYN values. However, the expulsion of members based on internal group dynamics contradicts the very principles upon which EDYN was founded.

With a vibrant membership of over 700 young leaders, EDYN thrives on the diversity of thought, background, and political affiliation. Our strength lies in our collective commitment to democracy and the free exchange of ideas. We acknowledge that within such a vast network, disagreements may arise.

In response to the recent concerns raised by members of our Slovak chapter, we extended an offer for an open discussion with the EDYN Leadership Council. Regrettably, the members involved in the dispute did not act on this offer.

We stand ready to support our Slovak chapter in finding a path forward that aligns with our shared values and objectives. Let us remember that unity in diversity is the cornerstone of democracy, and together, we can overcome challenges and strengthen our commitment to a democratic future.


In solidarity,

Mario Keputa                                  Lubica Kovacova                                         Jonas Rolett

President                                       Executive Director                         Chairman of the Board of Trustees


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