Saška Radujkov at EDYN’s Training of Trainers Activities

Published July 25, 2022
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Saška Radujkov is a member of the EDYN Serbia Chapter, and she attended EDYN’s Training of Trainers (ToT) in July. In this article, she shares her views of the program and her experience. 

EDYN’s Training of Trainers took place from July 11th to 14th in Belgrade, Serbia. After almost two years of learning, EDYN members gathered to practice new skills, share knowledge with fellow members and gain new experiences. Through several days of activities, we had the opportunity to create our own training, hold it and participate in the training of our colleagues. We spent all training days in Belgrade learning from each other and from our trainers from National Democratic Institute (NDI) Đorđe Belamarić and Danko Nikolić. 

From the beginning to the gathering in Belgrade

First, the EDYN values united us to become part of the EDYN and then the will to become trainers connected us in the ToT program. Our journey started almost two years ago when we decided to apply for EDYN Training of Trainers. From that moment we had many useful and interesting activities whose purpose was developing our training skills.

Through the program, we learned how to work in pairs, and how to plan and hold training. In addition, we learned about topics such as message development, digital campaigning, leadership, and policy development.

During the time in Belgrade, all of us held training in pairs so we had seven different and creative training. I held training on Digital Campaigning with co-trainer Marie Kikvadze. For me personally and professionally this was an opportunity to implement everything that I learned so far in TOT and to gain valuable experience for the future. Belgrade is a beautiful city so we also spent one evening in the city and some participants had the opportunity to see the capital of Serbia for the first time. 


Through TOT we improved our skills to spread the knowledge and values we have. During this process, our trainers Đorđe and Danko guided us with their advice and support. We still have so much more to learn so this is just the beginning of our path.

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