Jana’s organization Youth, Speak Up! sets an example for the newly established informal advisory body of the Czech Minister in hearing youth voices Members

Published February 20, 2023
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Jana Soukupová
EDYN Czech Republic Ambassador & EDYN Leadership Council Member
Jana is the Director of the Cabinet Department of the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, and the founder of the organization Youth, Speak Up! which aims to introduce young people and their topics into politics.


EDYN, the European Youth Diplomacy Network, is proud to announce the success of Jana Soukupová, an ambassador of EDYN Czech Republic. On February 15, 2023, Helena Langšádlová, the Minister of Science, Research, and Innovation, met with her informal advisory group, consisting of young talented scientists, innovators, and researchers. The first of many planned meetings were held in the Next Zone coworking center, built by students of the Smíchovská Secondary Industrial School and Grammar school.

Jana Soukupová is behind the idea of creating this advisory body of young scientific and innovative stars, who have experience from prestigious universities worldwide, have made significant scientific discoveries across various fields and have built successful companies. Many of them have been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 lists or have won the prestigious Neuron scientific awards.

The advisory group was formed to bring insights from young researchers and innovators into the Czech science, research, and innovation system. Many participants provided valuable insight into the functioning of prestigious foreign research institutions and startups. Minister Langšádlová is also the chair of the Council of the Government for Research, Development, and Innovation, which is composed of senior scientists. With the formation of the new informal advisory group, she aims to provide a platform for discussion to junior researchers.

“I believe that perceiving the needs and ideas of junior scientists is exceptionally important. If we don’t want brain drain to proceed, we must provide these young talented people with conditions to share their experience and prosper in the Czech environment. That’s why I greatly appreciate these extraordinary young people who care about the Czech science system and want to contribute to improving the research and innovation system” says Minister Langšádlová.

The inspiration for this activity is the functioning of the Youth, Speak Up! working group, which supported young scientists and researchers and worked in the Chamber of Deputies from 2019 to 2021. The organization aims to bring young people’s important topics into politics. It has proved to be a successful format of collaboration between politicians and the younger generation. It is great that some current political representatives give young people the chance to participate actively in decision-making.

EDYN would like to congratulate Jana Soukupová and the entire advisory group for their achievements and their contribution to improving the research and innovation environment. We are proud to have Jana Soukupová in our network, representing the Czech Republic. Her success shows that young scientists have a place in shaping the future of science and innovation.

Source: https://www.vlada.cz/cz/media-centrum/aktualne/ministryne-pro-vedu–vyzkum-a-inovace-postavila-svuj-neformalni-poradni-organ-z-vychazejicich-hvezd-ceske-i-svetove-vedy–203065/tmplid-47/

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