Upcoming opportunities for EDYN members Opportunities

Published March 8, 2022
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As EDYN grows and evolves, we are trying to bring more activities and opportunities to all members. Keep reading to find out what is waiting for you and what you can look forward to.


In addition to the Country Chapter activities, in 2022 we have prepared several in-person activities internationally. We are focusing on increasing activities for all EDYN members and thus more opportunities will be open at all levels of membership. Below is a list of activities for the year.

Applications will be opened and processed through the EDYN webpage, candidates will be selected at the EDYN HQ with the help of the EDYN Leadership Council.

The details will be announced in advance to the concrete activities.

For your Country Chapter activities, please consult your Ambassadors.

If you don´t want to miss out on any of these events, just add them to your calendar by clicking here.

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